Lightning Talk

Autonomous Characterisation and Calibration using Evolutionary Simulation (ACCES): an efficient and accurate tool for calibrating DEM and other numerical simulations

Kit Windows-Yule
University of Birmingham
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The discrete element method (DEM) is a potentially powerful tool for the simulation and optimisation of industrial particle-handling processes. However, conventional strategies for the calibration and validation of DEM simulations are typically slow, labour-intensive, and all-too-frequently inaccurate. We have developed a novel tool – autonomous characterisation and calibration using evolutionary simulation (ACCES) – facilitating the fast, accurate, and fully-automated calibration of not only DEM, but also Monte Carlo, CFD, MP-PIC and diverse other simulations. The tool aims to reduce the time, manpower and specialised expertise currently required to calibrate simulations, thus making DEM more accessible, and thus easier to adopt and fully exploit in industry.