Beginners Tutorial - Manual Installation Steps

IMPORTANT: These steps are a last resort and only for people who can not use the Virtual Machine. You do NOT have to execute these steps if you are using the Virtual Machine.


If you fail to use the virtual machine, there is still the option to manually download the materials and preparing your Linux/Unix/MacOS system.

Here is a minimal set of steps needed to create an environment similar to the VirtualBox image. Note that you will still have to install OVITO and other dependencies (compilers, cmake, etc.) manually.

# download tutorial material into home directory
cd $HOME

# extract downloaded content into $HOME
tar xvzf beginners_tutorial.tar.gz
tar xvzf patch_30Jul2021.tar.gz

# rename extracted source code folder to $HOME/lammps
mv lammps-patch_30Jul2021 lammps

# modify environment
# to make permanent put this at the end of $HOME/.bash_profile or $HOME/.bashrc
# (recommended)
export PATH=$HOME/tools/tutorial:$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH

Finally, in our VM image LAMMPS was compiled and installed into $HOME/.local using the following CMake steps:

cd $HOME/lammps
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -C ../cmake/presets/most.cmake -D PKG_KIM=on -D BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=on -D LAMMPS_EXCEPTIONS=on ../cmake
make -j 4
make install


On Windows, there is also the possibility to install precompiled Windows binaries. Both LAMMPS and Ovito have installer packages. To improve the command-line on Windows 10, try the Windows Terminal app.