Christoph Kloss
DCS Computing (Austria)
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LIGGGHTS, CFDEMcoupling and ParScale - LAMMPS as part of an ecosystem for modelling macroscopic particle processes

Macroscopic granular particles the flow involving fluids and granular particles are everywhere - in industry, environment and everyday life. Sugar, sand, ores, tablets, chemicals, biomass, detergents, plastics, crops, fruits need to be harvested, produced, processed, transported and stored.

With its efficiency, scalability, simple and flexible structure, and large user community, LAMMPS is an ideal candidate for the simulation of granular particles. Over the past five years, the open source platform CFDEMproject has been working on building an eco-system of open source simulation engines that connects existing open source plaforms.

We present the current state of this open source platform CFDEMproject and provide an outline and overview of the models of our 3 simulation engines:

+ LIGGGHTS is a simulation engine based on LAMMPS that models the physics of macroscopic granular particles

+ CFDEMcoupling is a simulation engine with a variety of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solvers for the coupled physics of fluids and granular particles, based on OpenFOAM

+ ParScale is can model intra-particle transport processes such as intra-particle heat transfer and reaction/diffusion processes

We also highlight the possible applications in fields such as steel industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, consumer goods industry, agricultural machinery production, food production, powder metallurgy and plastics production.

Finally, we conclude with remarks on our software quality assurance and our idea and concept of how to interact with the user community.