Molecular and Kinetic Models for High-Rate Thermal Degradation of Polyethylene

J. M. D. Lane and N. W. Moore, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 122, 3962-3970 (2018).

Thermal degradation of polyethylene is studied under the extremely high rate temperature ramps expected in laser-driven and X-ray ablation experiments—from 10^10 to 10^14 K/s in isochoric, condensed phases. The molecular evolution and macroscopic state variables are extracted as a function of density from reactive molecular dynamics simulations using the ReaxFF potential. The enthalpy, dissociation onset temperature, bond evolution, and observed cross-linking are shown to be rate dependent. These results are used to parametrize a kinetic rate model for the decomposition and coalescence of hydrocarbons as a function of temperature, temperature ramp rate, and density. The results are contrasted to first-order random-scission macrokinetic models often assumed for pyrolysis of linear polyethylene under ambient conditions.

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