Effect of Deformation Path Sequence on the Behavior of Nanoscale Copper Bicrystal Interfaces

D. E. Spearot, K. I. Jacob, D. L. McDowell, S. J. Plimpton, J Engr Materials and Technology, 127, 374-382 (2005).

Molecular dynamics calculations are performed to study the effect of deformation sequence and history on the inelastic behavior of copper interfaces on the nanoscale. An asymmetric 45 deg tilt bicrystal interface is examined, representing an idealized high-angle grain boundary interface. The interface model is subjected to three different deformation paths: tension then shear shear then tension, and combined proportional tension and shear Analysis shows that path-history dependent material behavior is confined within a finite layer of deformation around the bicrystal interface. The relationships between length scale and,interface properties, such as the thickness of the path-history dependent layer and the interface strength, are discussed in detail.

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