Coherent and incoherent phonon transport in periodic nitrogen-doped graphene

X Li and YG Liu and HX Li, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 134, 244301 (2023).

DOI: 10.1063/5.0174005

Nitrogen-doped graphene materials hold significant promise for diverse applications owing to their exceptional electrical properties and the tunability of thermal conductivity. Therefore, the non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations were used to explore the phonon transport properties of nitrogen-doped graphene nanoribbons. The findings indicate that periodic doping with a small quantity of nitrogen atoms can induce coherent phonon transport, thereby resulting in a substantial reduction in thermal conductivity. Our analysis delves into various phonon and energy transport parameters, including the phonon dispersion relation, group velocity, state density, participation rate, and spectral heat flow. Through this examination, we have elucidated the coexistence and transformation mechanisms of both coherent and incoherent phonon transport under different conditions. Furthermore, our findings revealed a notable trend: once the concentration of nitrogen atoms in the doped atomic layer reaches 37.5%, the reduction in thermal conductivity attains its maximum effectiveness. Beyond this concentration, further increases in the nitrogen atom concentration result in diminishing returns, rendering the reduction in thermal conductivity ineffective.

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