A consistent comparison of lattice thermal conductivities and phonon properties of single layer and bilayer graphene systems

K Abhikeern and A Singh, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 134, 224305 (2023).

DOI: 10.1063/5.0180141

Using nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) based direct method and spectral energy density (SED) method, we calculate the size-dependent thermal conductivities (TCs) of single layer graphene (SLG), AB-stacked bilayer graphene (AB-BLG), and 21.78 degrees twisted BLG (tBLG) in a robust and consistent manner. Our NEMD analysis reveals discrepancies in high TC reported for graphene systems in some of the earlier studies. Similarly, some of the previous SED based studies were done with unreliable SED Phi ' approach. We conduct size-dependent analysis of the graphene systems by the SED method for the first time and report that bulk TCs for SLG and tBLG systems are nearly the same when calculated by either the direct or the SED method. Contrary to studies that claim that phonon group velocities of AB-BLG and tBLG samples do not change, we find that although average group velocities in SLG and AB-BLG are almost the same, they are around 30% higher when compared to tBLG samples with different twist angles. On the other hand, average phonon lifetimes are almost similar for AB-BLG and 21.78 degrees tBLG samples but around 43% lower than the average phonon lifetime of SLG. Together these trends suggest the reason behind the decreasing order of TCs across three systems. We also systematically study the basic phonon mode contributions to TCs and their properties and find that the high- symmetry modes contribute the most in all three systems.

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