Interfacial Friction Evolution of DLC Films on the Fracturing Pump Plungers During the CO2 Fracturing Process: An Atomic Understanding from ReaxFF Simulations

YH Liu and PH Xu and XH Zhu and YY Luo and H Zhang and XW Wang and B Li, TRIBOLOGY LETTERS, 71, 126 (2023).

DOI: 10.1007/s11249-023-01803-7

During the CO2 fracturing process, the rapid wear and premature failure of fracturing pump plunger seriously restrict the efficiency and productivity of oil and gas production. Diamond-like (DLC) films have great research prospects for the development of long life and high reliability fracturing pump plungers during the CO2 fracturing process. The tribological properties of DLC films on the fracturing pump plungers was studied by ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulation. The results indicate that the friction system exhibits the lowest friction and wear in CO2 environment, which is attributed to the strong repulsive force generated by CO2 molecules. However, the friction interfaces will suffer severe wear in O-2 and dry friction environments, which is mainly attributed the oxidation reaction and mechanical mixing. The relevant research results not only enrich the basic friction theory of DLC film in different environments, but also show that DLC film has great research potential for extending the life of key parts of fracturing pump during the CO2 fracturing process.

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