Universal basis underlying temperature, pressure and size induced dynamical evolution in metallic glass-forming liquids

HP Zhang and BB Fan and JQ Wu and MZ Li, CHINESE PHYSICS B, 33, 016101 (2023).

DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/acf994

The dramatic temperature-dependence of liquids dynamics has attracted considerable scientific interests and efforts in the past decades, but the physics of which remains elusive. In addition to temperature, some other parameters, such as pressure, loading and size, can also tune the liquid dynamics and induce glass transition, which makes the situation more complicated. Here, we performed molecular dynamics simulations for Ni50Zr50 bulk liquid and nanodroplet to study the dynamics evolution in the complex multivariate phase space, especially along the isotherm with the change of pressure or droplet size. It is found that the short-time Debye-Waller factor universally determines the long-time relaxation dynamics no matter how the temperature, pressure or size changes. The basic correlation even holds at the local atomic scale. This finding provides general understanding of the microscopic mechanism of dynamic arrest and dynamic heterogeneity.

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