Glassy phases of the Gaussian core model

V Sposini and CN Likos and M Camargo, SOFT MATTER, 19, 9531-9540 (2023).

DOI: 10.1039/d3sm01314f

We present results from molecular dynamics simulations exploring the supercooled dynamics of the Gaussian Core Model in the low- and intermediate-density regimes. In particular, we analyse the transition from the low-density hard-sphere-like glassy dynamics to the high- density one. The dynamics at low densities is well described by the caging mechanism, giving rise to intermittent dynamics. At high densities, the particles undergo a more continuous motion in which the concept of cage loses its meaning. We elaborate on the idea that these different supercooled dynamics are in fact the precursors of two different glass states. Single-particle trajectories of the supercooled Gaussian core model show a transition from intermittent to non- intermittent dynamics upon increasing density.

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