How confined spaces induce layered crystallization of Al-Ti alloys

D Zhang and YJ Ma and J Huang and JP Qian and ZC Li and WK Wu and H Li, MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS, 37, 107456 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.mtcomm.2023.107456

In this paper, the solidification behavior of Al-Ti alloy in confined nanoslits is studied by molecular dynamics simulation. Results show that the solidification structure of Al-Ti alloy is determined by the synergistic effect of slit sizes and cooling rate. The slower the cooling rate and the smaller the slit sizes the stronger the crystal forming ability. During the solidification process, Al-Ti alloy tends to solidify layer by layer from the position near the confined walls. With the decrease of the slit size, the system is layered along the dimension of confinement, and in the unrestricted plane, the atoms of the system are arranged regularly, which is due to the geometric constraint effect of the confined walls and the interaction between the confined walls and Al-Ti atoms. Our findings provide insight into the solidification behavior of liquid metal in the confined space.

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