Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Polyamide12 via Molecular Dynamics Simulations

C Tamur and SF Li and DNL Zeng and BJ Edwards, POLYMERS, 15, 4254 (2023).

DOI: 10.3390/polym15214254

Predicting material properties of 3D printed polymer products is a challenge in additive manufacturing due to the highly localized and complex manufacturing process. The microstructure of such products is fundamentally different from the ones obtained by using conventional manufacturing methods, which makes the task even more difficult. As the first step of a systematic multiscale approach, in this work, we have developed an artificial neural network (ANN) to predict the mechanical properties of the crystalline form of Polyamide12 (PA12) based on data collected from molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Using the machine learning approach, we are able to predict the stress-strain relations of PA12 once the macroscale deformation gradient is provided as an input to the ANN. We have shown that this is an efficient and accurate approach, which can provide a three-dimensional molecular-level anisotropic stress-strain relation of PA12 for any macroscale mechanics model, such as finite element modeling at arbitrary quadrature points. This work lays the foundation for a multiscale finite element method for simulating semicrystalline polymers, which will be published as a separate study.

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