On the interaction of migrating 1126 twin boundary with nucleus of 1012 twin in Mg at T→0 K

R Verma and A Ostapovets, LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS, 49, 1257-1262 (2023).

DOI: 10.1063/10.0021370

Interaction between migrating 1126 twin boundary and nucleus of 1012 twin in magnesium is studied in a framework of computer simulations. It is demonstrated that 1126 boundary can be split into basal-prismatic interfaces during interaction. These basal-prismatic interfaces form new nucleus of 1012 twin, which coalesces with a pre-existed nucleus. Subsequent migration of 1126 boundary leads to reverse conversion of 1012 nucleus into 1126 boundary. This process leads to "consumption" of pre-existed 1012 twin nucleus by growing of 1126 twin.

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