Single-layer soil-water coupled SPH method and its application to sinkhole simulation

XY Chen and YF Leung and H Mori and S Uchida and K Takumi, ACTA GEOTECHNICA (2023).

DOI: 10.1007/s11440-023-02063-4

In this study, a single-layer SPH approach that takes into account full soil-water interactions is proposed. The approach updates the propagation of pore pressure through combination of volumetric strain and Darcy's law, accounting for the momentum equation, soil constitutive behavior, and the development of pore pressure at each timestep of the simulation. The proposed method is validated by analytical solutions of consolidation problems. To showcase its capability in simulating large- deformation problems with hydro-mechanical interactions, a physical test of a seepage-induced sinkhole was simulated using the proposed SPH method. The good agreements suggest that the proposed method can capture the key features of sinkhole developments and serve as a promising tool to explore the associated failure mechanism. A series of parametric studies are then conducted to reveal the influences of material properties and hydraulic conditions on the failure behavior of sinkholes, including failure patterns, influence zone, and surface settlement.

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