Ion trap and release dynamics enables nonintrusive tactile augmentation in monolithic sensory neuron

H Kweon and JS Kim and S Kim and HS Kang and DJ Kim and H Choi and DG Roe and YJ Choi and SG Lee and JH Cho and D Kim, SCIENCE ADVANCES, 9, eadi3827 (2023).

DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.adi3827

An iontronic-based artificial tactile nerve is a promising technology for emulating the tactile recognition and learning of human skin with low power consumption. However, its weak tactile memory and complex integration structure remain challenging. We present an ion trap and release dynamics (iTRD)-driven, neuro-inspired monolithic artificial tactile neuron (NeuroMAT) that can achieve tactile perception and memory consolidation in a single device. Through the tactile-driven release of ions initially trapped within iTRD-iongel, NeuroMAT only generates nonintrusive synaptic memory signals when mechanical stress is applied under voltage stimulation. The induced tactile memory is augmented by auxiliary voltage pulses independent of tactile sensing signals. We integrate NeuroMAT with an anthropomorphic robotic hand system to imitate memory-based human motion; the robust tactile memory of NeuroMAT enables the hand to consistently perform reliable gripping motion.

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