Enhanced Resonance for Facilitated Modulation of Large-Area Perovskite Films with Stable Photovoltaics

LG Xu and HD Ji and W Qiu and X Wang and Y Liu and YH Li and J Li and X Zhang and DQ Zhang and JX Wang and Y Tao and MC Li and RF Chen, ADVANCED MATERIALS (2023).

DOI: 10.1002/adma.202301752

Upscaling efficient and stable perovskite films is a challenging task in the industrialization of perovskite solar cells partly due to the lack of high-performance hole transport materials (HTMs), which can simultaneously promote hole transport and regulate the quality of perovskite films especially in inverted solar cells. Here, a novel HTM based on N-C = O resonance structure is designed for facilitating the modulation of the crystallization and bottom-surface defects of perovskite films. Benefiting from the resonance interconversion (N-C = O and N+ = C-O-) in donor-resonance-donor (D-r-D) architecture and interactions with uncoordinated Pb2+ in perovskite, the resulting D-r-D HTM with two donor units exhibits not only excellent hole extraction and transport capacities, but also efficient crystallization modulation of perovskite for high-quality photovoltaic films in large area. The D-r-D HTM-based large-area (1.02 cm(2)) devices exhibit high power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) up to 21.0%. Moreover, the large-area devices have excellent photo-thermal stability, showing only a 2.6% reduction in PCE under continuous AM 1.5G light illumination at elevated temperature (approximate to 65 degrees C) for over 1320 h without encapsulation.

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