Evaluation of Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange during Transient Vapor Binding of MeOD with Model Peptide Systems Angiotensin II and Bradykinin

HM Schramm and T Tamadate and CJ Hogan and BH Clowers, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A (2023).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.3c04608

The advancement of hybrid mass spectrometric tools as an indirect probe of molecular structure and dynamics relies heavily upon a clear understanding between gas-phase ion reactivity and ion structural characteristics. This work provides new insights into gas-phase ion- neutral reactions of the model peptides (i.e., angiotensin II and bradykinin) on a per-residue basis by integrating hydrogen/deuterium exchange, ion mobility, tandem mass spectrometry, selective vapor binding, and molecular dynamics simulations. By comparing fragmentation patterns with simulated probabilities of vapor uptake, a clear link between gas-phase hydrogen/deuterium exchange and the probabilities of localized vapor association is established. The observed molecular dynamics trends related to the sites and duration of vapor binding track closely with experimental observation. Additionally, the influence of additional charges and structural characteristics on exchange kinetics and ion-neutral cluster formation is examined. These data provide a foundation for the analysis of solvation dynamics of larger, native-like conformations of proteins in the gas phase.

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