Effects of Stress State, Crack-γ/γ′ Phase Interface Relative Locations and Orientations on the Deformation and Crack Propagation Behaviors of the Ni-Based Superalloy-A Molecular Dynamics Study

XM Qin and YL Liang and JB Gu, CRYSTALS, 13, 1446 (2023).

DOI: 10.3390/cryst13101446

In this study, we systematically investigate the influence of stress states, relative locations, and orientations of crack-gamma/gamma ' phase interfaces on the deformation and crack propagation behaviors of the Ni-based superalloy through molecular dynamics simulations. The stress state with high stress triaxiality will impede the plastic deformation process of the system, thereby promoting brittle crack propagation within the system. But the stress state of low stress triaxiality results in obvious plastic deformation and plastic crack propagation behaviors of the system. The deformation system with cracks located in both the gamma and gamma ' phase exhibits the slowest growth rate, regardless of applied stress states. Additionally, the deformation process demonstrates prominent plastic behavior. For the deformation system with cracks perpendicular to the gamma/gamma ' phase interface, the gamma/gamma ' phase interface will hinder the crack propagation. Our research provides interesting observations on deformation and crack propagation behaviors at an atomic level and at a nano-scale which are important for understanding deformation and fracture behaviors at a macroscopic scale for the Ni-based superalloy.

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