Interfacial heat and mass transfer at silica/binary molten salt interface from deep potential molecular dynamics

F Liang and J Ding and XL Wei and GC Pan and SL Liu, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, 217, 124705 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2023.124705

Interfacial heat and mass transfer properties at molten salt/solid interfaces are crucial for the study of heat storage/transfer properties of molten salt nanocomposite materials as well as the microscopic mechanism of thermophysical property enhancement, but accurate force field parameters for describing molten salt-solid interactions are still lacking. This study has utilized a workflow that could meet the demand of high accuracy and efficiency in molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of molten salt/solid interface with the deep potentials (DPs) trained by deep learning (DL), using SiO2/LiCl-KCl interface as a model system. In terms of the short-ranged polarizability and long-ranged correlations of ions, DPs can give accurate description of potential energy surface over wide temperature range at the level of ab initio calculations. Further analysis on interfacial thermal resistance (ITR) and thermal conductivity shows that the slowing down of heat transfer is related to the disordered microstructure of molten salt ions near the SiO2 surfaces, which also leads to larger ITR. For the mass transfer of molten salt ions on the SiO2 surfaces, the more active ionic diffusion and permeation through the solid can be observed due to the weaker adsorption between them, which is ascribed primarily to the high temperature. The workflow, of which the feasibility has been verified for molten salt/solid interfaces in this work with rigorous modeling, will be used for building accurate interatomic interaction models and calculating thermophysical properties for various complex interfacial systems containing molten salts. The influence of interfacial microstructure on heat and mass transfer will provide theoretical support for the application of molten salts in energy industry.

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