Molecular Simulations of the Gas Diffusion through the Two-Dimensional Graphyne Membrane

DL Jin and T Zhang and M Guo and NH Wu and J Zhong, SEPARATIONS, 10, 499 (2023).

DOI: 10.3390/separations10090499

Owing to the unified and tunable pore size, two-dimensional graphyne membranes show excellent performance in the realm of gas transport and separations. The impacts of environmental conditions on the pore size of a porous membrane are ignored in previous studies. Using molecular modeling techniques, we here probe the accessible pore size of the & gamma;-graphyne membrane under various pressure and temperature conditions. First, by assessing the gas permeation through the two- dimensional & gamma;-graphyne membrane at a constant temperature, the accessible pore size of this membrane is shown to be proportional to the driving force-the pressure difference between the two sides of the porous membrane. Such a driving force dependence is found to be well described by a simple asymptotic model. Then, by determining such pressure dependence at two different temperatures, temperature is found to show a weak influence on the accessible pore size. Finally, by considering the binary mixed gases of various mole fractions, the accessible pore size measured using one of the two species is shown to be dependent on its partial pressure difference. These findings for the accessible pore size, which highlight the tunable pore size by altering the driving force, can be expected to provide a practical strategy to rationalize/refine the pore size of the porous membrane for gas transport and separations, especially for two molecules with similar diameters.

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