Assessment of the Interatomic Potentials of Beryllium for Mechanical Properties

CZ Yang and B Wu and WM Deng and SZ Li and JF Jin and Q Peng, CRYSTALS, 13, 1330 (2023).

DOI: 10.3390/cryst13091330

Beryllium finds widespread applications in nuclear energy, where it is required to service under extreme conditions, including high-dose and high-dose rate radiation with constant bombardments of energetic particles leading to various kinds of defects. Though it is generally known that defects give rise to mechanical degradation, the quantitative relationship between the microstructure and the corresponding mechanical properties remains elusive. Here we have investigated the mechanical properties of imperfect hexagonal close-packed (HCP) beryllium via means of molecular dynamics simulations. We have examined the beryllium crystals with void, a common defect under in-service conditions. We have assessed three types of potentials, including MEAM, Finnis-Sinclair, and Tersoff. The volumetric change with pressure based on MEAM and Tersoff and the volumetric change with temperature based on MEAM are consistent with the experiment. Through cross-comparison on the results from performing hydrostatic compression, heating, and uniaxial tension, the MEAM type potential is found to deliver the most reasonable predictions on the targeted properties. Our atomistic insights might be helpful in atomistic modeling and materials design of beryllium for nuclear energy.

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