Understanding continuous wave laser-induced chemical reactions at micro- and nano-diamond-glass interface under infrared excitation

P Zemojtel and A Olejniczak and R Tomala and B Cichy and L Radosinski and AFD Maia and O Bezkrovnyi and W Strek, MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS, 10, 095601 (2023).

DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/acf8af

This work addresses the issue of laser-induced white light generation by nano- and micro-diamond powder and the accompanying redox processes occurring at the surface of the particles. The broadband white light is generated by near infra-red continuous wave laser (975 nm) on micro and nano-diamond powders sealed in lightbulb-like devices. It is shown that the emission from diamond samples is a highly nonlinear process with apparent saturation close to 1 W of the optical excitation power. Multiband mechanism and mixed hybridization at particle surface are further discussed as a possible origin of the white light emission. Changes in the sp2/sp3 ratio upon the laser excitation are here discussed in terms of molecular dynamics simulations. Observed surface changes related to diamond graphitization are considered further as possible pathways for chemical reactions at the interface of the glass and diamond samples. Obtained results bring relevant physical premises according to the possible mechanism responsible for the white emission from diamond-like carbon materials, its mechanisms, and an essential figure of merit considering the diverse applicability of this phenomenon in various electronic devices.

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