Deformation insensitive thermal conductance of the designed Si metamaterial

LN Yang and Q Zhang and GK Hu and N Yang, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, 123, 062201 (2023).

DOI: 10.1063/5.0158794

The thermal management have been widely focused due to broad applications. Generally, the deformation can largely tune the thermal transport. The main challenge of flexible electronics/ materials is to maintain thermal conductance under large deformation. This work investigates the thermal conductance of a nano-designed Si metamaterial constructed with curved nanobeams by molecular dynamics simulation. Interestingly, it shows that the thermal conductance of the nano- designed Si metamaterial is insensitive under a large deformation (strain similar to-41%). The new feature comes from the designed curved nanobeams which makes a quasi-zero stiffness. Further calculations show that, when under a large deformation, the average stress in nanobeam is ultra-small (<151 MPa) and its phonon density of states are little changed. This work provides valuable insights on multifunction, such as both stable thermal and mechanical properties, of nano-designed metamaterials.

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