Length Large lattice mismatch of nanocomposite coating: In-situ establishment of MoS2 by precursor and desulfurization reaction

ZH Yang and BK Ning and YN Chen and QY Zhao and YK Xu and GR Gao and YF Tang and YQ Zhao and HF Zhan, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 639, 158147 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2023.158147

Constructing large lattice mismatch interfaces, especially two- dimensional materials such as MoS2, is the key to reaching the structural lubricity of heterogeneous structures. Large lattice mismatch prevents the nucleation of reinforcement of composite material, such as in situ synthesized MoS2 during the PEO process, thus affecting the mechanical performance. In this work, a precursor reaction, which can form an amorphous MoS3/TiO2 mixtures, is proposed, and the MoS2/TiO2 noncoherent interface with large mismatch is obtained through solid- state in situ desulfurization of suspended S with the action of reheat. Meanwhile, the precursor reaction is strongly dependent on the sulfur source concentration, which can form the interface with a large number of interfacial dislocations by regulating the concentration of sulfur source. Such edge pining noncoherent interface enables more dislo-cation and distortion near interface during scratch, which reduces the twist- angle dependence thus further improving the tribological properties. Additionally, these results render the herein presented amorphous pre- cursor reaction strategy generally applicable for exhibiting broad application of in situ synthesis of reinforcement.

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