High Moisture-Barrier Performance of Double-Layer Graphene Enabled by Conformal and Clean Transfer

Q Lu and HT Zhong and XC Sun and MP Shang and WL Liu and CF Zhou and ZN Hu and ZF Shi and YQ Zhu and XT Liu and YX Zhao and JH Liao and XT Zhang and ZY Lian and YQ Song and LZ Sun and KC Jia and JB Yin and XD Zhang and Q Xie and WJ Yin and L Lin and ZF Liu, NANO LETTERS (2023).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.3c02453

Graphene films that can theoretically block almost allmoleculeshave emerged as promising candidate materials for moisture barrierfilms in the applications of organic photonic devices and gas storage.However, the current barrier performance of graphene films does notreach the ideal value. Here, we reveal that the interlayer distanceof the large- area stacked multilayer graphene is the key factor thatsuppresses water permeation. We show that by minimizing the gap betweenthe two monolayers, the water vapor transmission rate of double-layergraphene can be as low as 5 x 10(-3) g/(m(2) d) over an A4-sized region. The high barrier performancewas achieved by the absence of interfacial contamination and conformalcontact between graphene layers during layer- by-layer transfer. Ourwork reveals the moisture permeation mechanism through graphene layers,and with this approach, we can tailor the interlayer coupling of manuallystacked two-dimensional materials for new physics and applications.

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