Overview of emerging hybrid and composite materials for space applications

JC Ince and M Peerzada and LD Mathews and AR Pai and A Al-qatatsheh and S Abbasi and Y Yin and N Hameed and AR Duffy and AK Lau and NV Salim, ADVANCED COMPOSITES AND HYBRID MATERIALS, 6, 130 (2023).

DOI: 10.1007/s42114-023-00678-5

Space exploration is one of humanity's most challenging and costly activities. Nevertheless, we continuously strive to venture further and more frequently into space. It is vital to make every effort to minimise and mitigate the risks to astronaut safety, expand the long-term operation of technologies in space and improve the overall feasibility of space exploration-this calls for an assessment of recent advances in materials with applications in space. This review focuses on state-of- the-art materials that address challenges, threats and risks experienced during space exploration. Said challenges considered in this review include the danger of micro-meteorites, fire in space, space dust, temperature extremes, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the cost associated with space travel. The materials discussed include self- healing polymers, fire and thermally resistant materials, materials for thermal management, self-cleaning materials, EMI shielding materials and multifunctional carbon fibre composites. Through this catalogue, we seek to inform and suggest the future direction of advancing space exploration by selecting innovative materials.

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