Twin junctions with geometric compatibility and mobility in titanium and magnesium

H Guo and JH Zhang and XX Li and DS Xu and H Wang and SJ Zheng and YJ Ma and R Yang, SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 236, 115674 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2023.115674

The mechanical response of 1211 and 1212 coherency twin boundaries (CTB) under external loading was investigated with molecular dynamics simulations in titanium and magnesium. Mutual transformation between 1211 and 1212 CTB was revealed, i.e., 1212 CTB can transform into two co-zone 1211 CTBs, forming a twin junction, while reversibly 1211 CTB can transform into 1212 CTB and the other co-zone 1211 CTB, forming another twin junction. The simulation result thus well explains the experimental observation of twin junctions. Moreover, owing to the geometric compatibility and mobility of the two junctions, the mutual transformation between 1211 CTB and 1212 CTB produces 1212/1211 twin networks with perceivable plastic strain accommodation.

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