Saddle point search with dynamic active volume

T Liang and HX Xu, COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE, 228, 112354 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2023.112354

Sampling potential energy surface (PES) is critical for many problems in materials science, chemistry, physics, and biology and requires highly efficient saddle point searches (SPS). In the study, we introduce the concept of dynamic active volume (DAV) in addition to the active volume in self-evolving atomistic kinetic Monte Carlo (SEAKMC). The DAV method has further reduced the dimensionality of the PES at the elevation stage of a SPS. At the subsequent converging stage, the dynamic boundary in DAV is lifted to allow the system to converge to the right location of a saddle point. Coupled with the dimer method, the DAV method not only significantly reduces the time cost for a given search attempt, but also dramatically increases the probability of finding relevant saddle points for PES sampling. A Python software package within the framework SEAKMC (SEAKMC_py) with the DAV method has been developed.

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