Programmable Synthesis of High-Entropy Nanoalloys for Efficient Ethanol Oxidation Reaction

MF Li and CM Huang and H Yang and Y Wang and XC Song and T Cheng and JT Jiang and YF Lu and MC Liu and Q Yuan and ZZ Ye and Z Hu and HW Huang, ACS NANO, 17, 13659-13671 (2023).

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.3c02762

Controllablesynthesis of nanoscale high-entropy alloys (HEAs)with specific morphologies and tunable compositions is crucial forexploring advanced catalysts. The present strategies either have greatdifficulties to tailor the morphology of nanoscale HEAs or sufferfrom narrow elemental distributions and insufficient generality. Toovercome the limitations of these strategies, here we report a robusttemplate- directed synthesis to programmatically fabricate nanoscaleHEAs with controllable compositions and structures via independentlycontrolling the morphology and composition of HEA. As a proof of concept,12 kinds of nanoscale HEAs with controllable morphologies of zero-dimension(0D) nanoparticles, 1D nanowires, 2D ultrathin nanorings (UNRs), 3Dnanodendrites, and vast elemental compositions combining five or moreof Pd/Pt/Ag/Cu/Fe/Co/Ni/Pb/Bi/Sn/Sb/Ge are synthesized. Moreover,the as-prepared HEA-PdPtCuPbBiUNRs/C demonstrates the state-of-the- artelectrocatalytic performance for the ethanol oxidation reaction, with25.6- and 16.3-fold improvements in mass activity, relative to commercialPd/C and Pt/C catalysts, respectively, as well as greatly enhanceddurability. This work provides a myriad of nanoscale HEAs and a generalsynthetic strategy, which are expected to have broad impacts for thefields of catalysis, sensing, biomedicine, and even beyond.

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