Multiple elastic shock waves in cubic single crystals

Q Liu and YF Xu and SC Hu and YX Li and Y Cai and SN Luo, SHOCK WAVES, 33, 337-355 (2023).

DOI: 10.1007/s00193-023-01137-2

Multiple elastic shock waves carry the information on elastic properties under dynamic extreme conditions, but may complicate the interpretation of wave structure including the elastic-plastic transition. On the basis of the acoustic wave-equation analysis, we predict the absence or presence of multiple elastic shock waves in a single crystal subjected to shock loading along a specific crystallographic orientation. Typical FCC and BCC single crystals are taken as validation and application cases. Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations are performed for Cu and Ta; double-wave or triple-wave structures of elastic shock waves (quasilongitudinal and quasitransverse) are observed in the simulations, and the multi-wave structures are in excellent agreement with the wave- equation analysis. Also, the acoustic wave-equation analysis is used to analyze MD calculations, as well as the complex structure of the shock wave during plastic deformation. Free-surface velocity history, transverse velocity history of free surface, and ultrafast X-ray diffraction are explored as experimental means to resolve multiple elastic shock waves.

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