OFraMP: a fragment-based tool to facilitate the parametrization of large molecules

M Stroet and B Caron and MS Engler and J van der Woning and A Kauffmann and M van Dijk and M El-Kebir and KM Visscher and J Holownia and C Macfarlane and BJ Bennion and S Gelpi-Dominguez and FC Lightstone and T van der Storm and DP Geerke and AE Mark and GW Klau, JOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED MOLECULAR DESIGN, 37, 357-371 (2023).

DOI: 10.1007/s10822-023-00511-7

An Online tool for Fragment-based Molecule Parametrization (OFraMP) is described. OFraMP is a web application for assigning atomic interaction parameters to large molecules by matching sub-fragments within the target molecule to equivalent sub-fragments within the Automated Topology Builder (ATB, atb.uq.edu.au) database. OFraMP identifies and compares alternative molecular fragments from the ATB database, which contains over 890,000 pre-parameterized molecules, using a novel hierarchical matching procedure. Atoms are considered within the context of an extended local environment (buffer region) with the degree of similarity between an atom in the target molecule and that in the proposed match controlled by varying the size of the buffer region. Adjacent matching atoms are combined into progressively larger matched sub-structures. The user then selects the most appropriate match. OFraMP also allows users to manually alter interaction parameters and automates the submission of missing substructures to the ATB in order to generate parameters for atoms in environments not represented in the existing database. The utility of OFraMP is illustrated using the anti-cancer agent paclitaxel and a dendrimer used in organic semiconductor devices.

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