Mesoscale simulation investigation of droplet impacting behaviors on cylindrical surfaces

CX Xie and J Shi and Y Luo and GW Chu and H Li, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, 277, 118848 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2023.118848

Understanding and controlling the impacting behaviors of droplets on cylindrical surfaces is a key issue for the design of the process intensification in chemical reaction engineering. In the work, the mesoscale dynamics simulation is performed to systematically investigate the effect of impact conditions on the droplet impacting behaviors. As a result, five impacting modes have been distinguished and the competition mechanisms between the impact parameters are revealed. High impact velocity and low liquid viscosity benefit to the spreading and dispersion of impacting droplets, while the increase of surface wettability can promote and inhibit droplet spreading at low and high velocities, respectively. Besides, the machine-learning models are developed to build the quantitative relation between the impacting behaviors and the impact conditions. The machine-learning models can predict droplets impacting behaviors in experiment and simulation, which is of great importance in relevant chemical engineering applications.

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