Numerical investigation of ejecta mass of twice-shocked liquid Sn

B Wu and AM He and XX Wang and HQ Sun and P Wang, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 133, 165903 (2023).

DOI: 10.1063/5.0137691

In this paper, we investigate the ejection production from twice-shocked Sn using molecular dynamic simulations in regimes where the metal undergoes complete shock melting after the first shock. A new description form of a bubble shape is proposed to fit the interface during the whole stage, which overcomes the inapplicability of the flycut profile in later stages. We then explore the ejection on second shock with the dimensionless intervals of similar to 3.8 and similar to 96 between the two shocks. Surprisingly, the results show that the ejecta model can well predict the second ejecta mass with a shock interval of similar to 3.8 while far underestimated that with a shock interval of similar to 96. We find that in the presence of the first ejecta, the high-speed secondary interface interacts with the low-speed first ejecta, resulting in the movement of liquid metals to the secondary ejecta, thereby promoting the increase of secondary ejecta mass. These findings are further validated by our smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations at a macroscale.

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