Unraveling the deformation behavior of the Fe45Co25Ni10V20 high entropy alloy

Y Li and RK Nutor and Q Zhao and X Zhang and Q Cao and X Wang and SS Sohn and D Zhang and S Ding and H Zhou and J Wang and J Jiang, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, 165, 103619 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijplas.2023.103619

Here we report on the tensile deformation behavior of a face-centered cubic (FCC)-structured Fe45Co25Ni10V20 high-entropy alloy at cryogenic temperature (77 K). The alloy displays an impressive 1.1 GPa tensile strength while maintaining an ultrahigh fracture elongation of 82% with a minimum strain hardening rate at a true strain of about 40%. We elucidate such unique mechanical properties, originating from the strain-induced FCC to body-centered cubic (BCC) martensitic transformation, where the high-stress concentrations at grain boundaries or inter-section of stacking faults can stimulate phase transition. The martensitic transformation can induce strain softening by consuming the stored deformation energy while contributing to the strain hardening via the transformation itself and further deformation of BCC phases. Such a dynamic balance between softening and hardening enables a relatively uniform plastic flow, resulting in a plastic deformation with a strain range of up to 35% delaying macroscopic necking. The findings provide further insights into the significance of transformation-induced plasticity effects on the cryogenic performance of alloys.

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