Sputtering of coinage metals with bismuth cluster ions: Experiment and computer simulation

A Tolstoguzov and AE Ieshkin and IK Gainullin and P Mazarov, VACUUM, 213, 112070 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.vacuum.2023.112070

Cluster ion beams are a perspective tool for surface structuring and analysis due to nonlinear processes occurring under cluster-surface interaction. We focused our attention on the experimental and molecular dynamics simulation study of gold sputtering with bismuth cluster ions. In addition, a copper target was also investigated where etched craters were examined. Non-additive behavior of sputter yields is discussed in terms of Sigmund and Claussen thermal spike models. These simulations have allowed us to compare penetration of atomic and cluster bismuth into the targets as well as studying the differential characteristics of sputtering.

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