Wide-Humidity Range Applicable, Anti-Freezing, and Healable Zwitterionic Hydrogels for Ion-Leakage-Free Iontronic Sensors

YQ Zhao and N Yang and X Chu and FC Sun and MU Ali and Y Zhang and B Yang and YL Cai and MY Liu and N Gasparini and JX Zheng and CH Zhang and CF Guo and H Meng, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 35 (2023).

DOI: 10.1002/adma.202211617

Hydrogels have entered the spotlight for applications in soft electronics. It is essential and challenging to obtain hydrogels that can function properly under varying environmental circumstances, that is, 30-90% relative humidity (RH) and -20 to 40 degrees C due to their intrinsic nature to lose and absorb water upon variations in humidity and temperature. In this work, a green solvent, solketal, is introduced into poly 3-dimethyl-2-(2-methylprop-2-enoyloxy)ethyl azaniumyl propane-1-sulfonate (poly(DMAPS)) zwitterionic hydrogels. Compared to glycerol, solketal endows hydrogels with greater possibility for further modification as well as improved water content and mechanical performance consistency over 30-90% RH. Encouragingly, the optimized hydrogel demonstrates its unique merits as a dielectric layer in iontronic sensors, featuring non-leaky ions, high sensitivity (1100 kPa(-1)), wide humidity, and temperature range applicability. A wide- humidity range healable and stretchable electrode is attained by combining the hydrogel substrate with Ag paste. A full-device healable and highly-sensitive sensor is developed. This study is a pioneering work that tackles the broad humidity range applicability issue of hydrogels, and demonstrates the ion-leakage-free ionic skins with zwitterionic dielectrics. The outcomes of the study will considerably promote advancements in the fields of hydrogel electronics and iontronic sensors.

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