Oxidization-Temperature-Triggered Rapid Preparation of Large-Area Single-Crystal Cu(111) Foil

H Chen and XT Liu and YF Huang and GL Li and F Yu and F Xiong and MQ Zhang and LZ Sun and Q Yang and KC Jia and RQ Zou and HX Li and S Meng and L Lin and JC Zhang and HL Peng and ZF Liu, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 35 (2023).

DOI: 10.1002/adma.202209755

The controlled preparation of single-crystal Cu(111) is intensively investigated owing to the superior properties of Cu(111) and its advantages in synthesizing high-quality 2D materials, especially graphene. However, the accessibility of large-area single-crystal Cu(111) is still hindered by time-consuming, complicated, and high-cost preparation methods. Here, the oxidization-temperature-triggered rapid preparation of large-area single-crystal Cu(111) in which an area up to 320 cm(2) is prepared within 60 min, and where low-temperature oxidization of polycrystalline Cu foil surface plays a vital role, is reported. A mechanism is proposed, by which the thin CuxO layer transforms to a Cu(111) seed layer on the surface of Cu to induce the formation of a large-area Cu(111) foil, which is supported by both experimental data and molecular dynamics simulation results. In addition, a large-size high-quality graphene film is synthesized on the single-crystal Cu(111) foil surface and the graphene/Cu(111) composites exhibit enhanced thermal conductivity and ductility compared to their polycrystalline counterpart. This work, therefore, not only provides a new avenue toward the monocrystallinity of Cu with specific planes but also contributes to improving the mass production of high-quality 2D materials.

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