Atomic-scale study of the nano-cutting deformation mechanism of nickel- based single crystal superalloy containing Cr, Co, and γ/γ'

ZX Zhu and DL Luo and M Zheng and WH Chen and XC Wei and DF Qu and JJ Zhang and J Chen, APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING, 129, 300 (2023).

DOI: 10.1007/s00339-023-06582-5

To study the cutting micromechanics of nickel- based single crystal superalloy containing gamma/gamma ' two-phase structures and strengthening elements, a molecular dynamics method was used to establish a cutting model for nickel-based single crystal superalloy. The variation of machining force, shear strain, atomic displacement, and surface quality were analyzed in depth, and the effect of strengthening element content in the gamma phase on the cutting behavior was investigated by comparing different models. It was found that the dislocation tangle is easily formed in the gamma phase of nickel-based single crystal superalloy leading to increased machining forces, in addition, the coherent interface is stronger and can block the development of shear strain zones and the displacement of atoms. It is also found that the elastic recovery of gamma phase is lower than that of gamma ' phase, resulting in the deepest part of the machined surface always appearing in gamma phase. Finally, by studying the influence of the content of strengthening elements on the material, it is found that the strengthening elements Cr and Co in gamma phase can promote the generation of dislocation tangle, and also enhance the strength of gamma phase and coherent interface and improve the deformation resistance of the workpiece.

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