Impact of Atomic Void Clusters on the Tensile Behavior and its Features of Silicon Carbide Polycrystal through Molecular Dynamics Analysis

S Gowthaman, SILICON, 15, 5221-5231 (2023).

DOI: 10.1007/s12633-023-02405-7

Atomic void or vacancy clusters plays an important role on the material behavior and its features. In this study the impact of vacancy clusters on the tensile behavior of SiC polycrystal has been carried out under numerous temperatures and constant strain rate through molecular dynamics to determine its impact on the tensile features and found that the atomic void offers a greater impact on the tensile performance tailed by the temperature, owing to the introduction of greater stress concentration and decrement in deformation resistance. Further, the vacancy formation, dislocation and lattice transformation behavior have confirmed that the void dimensions have invoked greater alterations in the material features and failure life.

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