Feasibility study on the use of single crystal silicon carbide as a tool material

BB Meng and T Chen and L Zhang and C Fan, MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS, 35, 105824 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.mtcomm.2023.105824

Monocrystal SiC has attracted considerable attention as a third- generation semiconductor material. However, the application potential of monocrystal SiC as a structural material has not sufficiently explored. Monocrystal SiC has excellent mechanical properties and chemical stability. In this paper, the practicability of using monocrystal SiC as a cutting tool material is investigated. SiC tool design scheme is studied and crystal plane parameters corresponding to rake/flank faces are proposed. Via large-scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, single point diamond turning (SPDT) machining on common metallic material monocrystal Cu and hard brittle material monocrystal Si have been carried out. An in-depth analysis of suitability of monocrystal SiC tools in SPDT machining is conducted. The results show that monocrystal SiC has excellent potential for use as a tool material. However, material deformation and removal process during processing with monocrystal SiC is distinct from those observed when using monocrystal diamond tools.

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