Ultrathin Mo2S3 Nanowire Network for High- Sensitivity Breathable Piezoresistive Electronic Skins

CD Zhao and YQ Fang and H Chen and SN Zhang and YJ Wan and MS Riaz and Z Zhang and WJ Dong and L Diao and DY Ren and FQ Huang, ACS NANO, 17, 4862-4870 (2023).

DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.2c11564

Flexible piezosensing electronic skins (e-skins) have attracted considerable interest owing to their applications in real-time human- health monitoring, human-machine interactions, and soft bionic robot perception. However, the fabrication of piezosensing e-skins with high sensitivity, biological affinity, and good permeability at the same time is challenging. Herein, we designed and synthesized Mo2S3 nanowires by inserting infinity 1Mo2+S chains between MoS2 interlayers. The resulting Mo2S3 nanowires feature high conductivity (4.9 x 104 S m-1) and a high aspect ratio (similar to 200). An ultrathin (similar to 500 nm) Mo2S3 nanowire network was fabricated using a simple liquid/liquid interface self-assembly method, showing high piezoresistive sensitivity (5.65 kPa-1), a considerably low pressure detection limit (0.08 Pa), and gratifying air permeability. Moreover, this nanowire network can be directly attached to human skin for real-time human pulse detection, finger movement monitoring, and sign language recognition, exhibiting excellent potential for health monitoring and human-machine interactions.

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