A Review of the Mechanical Properties of Graphene Aerogel Materials: Experimental Measurements and Computer Simulations

PH Qi and HX Zhu and F Borodich and Q Peng, MATERIALS, 16, 1800 (2023).

DOI: 10.3390/ma16051800

Graphene aerogels (GAs) combine the unique properties of two-dimensional graphene with the structural characteristics of microscale porous materials, exhibiting ultralight, ultra-strength, and ultra-tough properties. GAs are a type of promising carbon-based metamaterials suitable for harsh environments in aerospace, military, and energy- related fields. However, there are still some challenges in the application of graphene aerogel (GA) materials, which requires an in- depth understanding of the mechanical properties of GAs and the associated enhancement mechanisms. This review first presents experimental research works related to the mechanical properties of GAs in recent years and identifies the key parameters that dominate the mechanical properties of GAs in different situations. Then, simulation works on the mechanical properties of GAs are reviewed, the deformation mechanisms are discussed, and the advantages and limitations are summarized. Finally, an outlook on the potential directions and main challenges is provided for future studies in the mechanical properties of GA materials.

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