The dynamics of shear band propagation in metallic glasses

J Luo and LP Huang and YF Shi and BH Deng, ACTA MATERIALIA, 248, 118787 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2023.118787

Understanding the dynamics of shear band propagation in metallic glasses remains elusive due to the limited temporal and spatial scales accessible in experiments. In micron-scale molecular dynamics simulations on two model metallic glasses, we studied the propagation of a dominant shear band under uniaxial tension with a macroscopic strain of 3-5%. For both materials, the shear band can be intersonic with a propagation speed exceeding their respective shear wave speeds. The propagation exhibits intrinsic instability that manifests itself as microbranching and considerable fluctuations in velocity. The shear strain singularity ahead of propagating shear band tip scales as 1/r (r is the distance away from the tip), independent of the macroscopic tensile strain. In addition, we studied the intersection of two shear bands under uniaxial tension, during which path deflection, speed slowing-down, and temperature rise at the junction region were observed. The dynamics of propagating shear band shown here indicate that shear band in metallic glasses can be viewed as shear crack under the framework of weakly nonlinear fracture mechanics theory.

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