Interface enhancing strategy for low-temperature bonding of Ag-based nanoalloy

Q Jia and ZY Deng and L Liu and HQ Zhang and WA Wang and LM Ma and F Guo and GS Zou, MATERIALS LETTERS, 339, 134050 (2023).

DOI: 10.1016/j.matlet.2023.134050

Bonding interface quality is crucial for power electronic packaging, while the alloyed Ag nanoparticle sintered joint has lower crack resistance at the interface. In this work, a sandwich structure nanoparticle film consisting of an Ag transition layer, nanoalloy layer, and Ag transition layer was developed for interface-enhanced lowtemperature bonding. The optimized sandwich structure increased the shear strength of Ag-based nanoalloy sintered joints, reaching 5.6 times for Ag10Cu and 2.0 times for Ag10Pd, respectively. The low-temperature spreadability of the Ag transition layer provided a micro-nano structure and further driving force for nanoalloy sintering on the substrate. Both experimental and molecular dynamics simulation results revealed that these nanoalloy particles spread easier and realized a higher effective bonding area. This interface-enhancing strategy enables the Ag-based nanoalloy a high-reliability die-attach material with low-temperature bondability.

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