A Machine Learning-Combined Flexible Sensor for Tactile Detection and Voice Recognition

JW Xie and YZ Zhao and DZ Zhu and JQ Li and M Qiao and GZ He and SF Deng and JF Yan, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 15, 12551-12559 (2023).

DOI: 10.1021/acsami.2c22287

Intelligent sensors have attracted substantial attention for various applications, including wearable electronics, artificial intelligence, healthcare monitoring, and human-machine interactions. However, there still remains a critical challenge in developing a multifunctional sensing system for complex signal detection and analysis in practical applications. Here, we develop a machine learning-combined flexible sensor for real-time tactile sensing and voice recognition through laser-induced graphitization. The intelligent sensor with a triboelectric layer can convert local pressure to an electrical signal through a contact electrification effect without external bias, which has a characteristic response behavior when exposed to various mechanical stimuli. With the special patterning design, a smart human- machine interaction controlling system composed of a digital arrayed touch panel is constructed to control electronic devices. Based on machine learning, the real-time monitoring and recognition of the changes of voice are achieved with high accuracy. The machine learning- empowered flexible sensor provides a promising platform for the development of flexible tactile sensing, real-time health detection, human-machine interaction, and intelligent wearable devices.

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