Thermal behavior of Li electrode in all-solid-state batteries and improved performance by temperature modulation

ST Luo and YF Zhang and XY Liu and ZY Wang and AR Fan and HD Wang and WG Ma and LY Zhu and X Zhang, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, 199, 123450 (2022).

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2022.123450

All-solid-state lithium metal batteries (ASSLMBs) hold tremendous promise in electric vehicles and portable electronic devices owing to the remarkably improved safety and energy density. However, the uncontrollable Li dendrites seriously hinder the cycling performance of ASSLMBs, and the fickle envi-ronment urgently requires a reliable energy supply over a wide temperature range. Understanding the temperature- dependent behavior of Li metal electrode holds great significance for breaking the bottle-neck. Herein, we experimentally and theoretically investigate the temperature-dependent morphological evolution of electrodeposited Li in solid electrolyte from-20 degrees C to 90 degrees C. It is found that as temperature increases, nuclei size, nuclei density, structural compactness and growth direction of electrodeposited Li are significantly altered. The thermal effect on Li nucleation and growth is further revealed by molecu-lar dynamics simulations. Based on this, we propose a temperature modulation strategy to improve the cyclability of Li metal electrode. By charging at the optimal temperature, the cycling life and Coulomb efficiency of Li electrode can be simultaneously improved. Our investigation gives valuable insights to-wards temperature-dependent Li deposition in solid electrolyte and will provide rational guidance for the thermal management of ASSLMBs operated in extreme environments. (c) 2022 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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