Quantum uncertainty effects in the dynamics of supercooled liquids: A molecular dynamics study

G Krishnan and U Harbola, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 106, 064604 (2022).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.106.064604

Dynamics of density fluctuations in quantum supercooled liquids is analyzed using molecular dynamics simulations. In contrast to the classical case, the uncertainty in the particle position (delocalization of quantum particle in space) leads to significant differences in the dynamics of quantum liquids, both in the short-and long-time limits. The effect of uncertainty is found to be significant for length scales smaller than the uncertainty itself, and diminishes as the length scale grows. The dynamic heterogeneity of the system at short times is enhanced due to uncertainty. In the intermediate (beta-relaxation) time regime, the heterogeneity tends to get suppressed due to quantum uncertainty. The probability distribution of particle displacements shows highly nonclassical behavior with double-peak structure at short timescales.

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