Effect of groove-textured 4H-SiC on the deformation behavior of deposited film using molecular dynamics

LH Xue and G Feng and B Gao and S Liu, APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING, 128, 1100 (2022).

DOI: 10.1007/s00339-022-06245-x

In this paper, the mechanical behavior of deposited film with groove textured is studied in detail by nanoindentation. The results show that the groove textured-1 (1) over bar 00 deposited film has higher mechanical properties and better deformation resistance. The atomic displacement generated by external loading moves along three directions, namely (11) over bar 20, 11 (2) over bar0 and 000 (1) over bar directions. The biggest atomic displacement magnitude is located below the indenter, which is also the major deformation region of the material. Similar results have been found for atomic shear strain. The nucleation of dislocation is triggered by the directional movement of atoms in order to release elastic energy and shear stress in the deformed region. The most common type of dislocation is a partial dislocation, which is caused by the atomic slip along the < 1 (1) over bar 00 > direction on the basal plane. The results show that the groove texture has a significant impact on the mechanical properties and deformation behavior of the deposited film, and that it can also act as a guide for the deposition of the 4H-SiC film.

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