Strengthening Modulus and Softening Strength of Nanoporous Gold in Multiaxial Tension: Insights from Molecular Dynamics

JJ Li and J Li and YH Chen and J Chen, NANOMATERIALS, 12, 4381 (2022).

DOI: 10.3390/nano12244381

The functionalized applications of nanoporous metals place clear requirements on their basic mechanical properties, yet there is a lack of research on the mechanical response under multiaxial loading conditions. In this work, the mechanical behaviors of nanoporous gold under multiaxial tension are investigated via molecular dynamics simulations. The mechanical properties under different loading conditions are compared and the microstructure evolution is analyzed to clarify the deformation mechanisms of nanoporous gold in biaxial and triaxial tension. It is found that the modulus of nanoporous gold in multiaxial tension is strengthened and the strength is softened compared to uniaxial tension. The failure of nanoporous gold in multiaxial tension is dominated by the progressive yielding, necking, and rupture of ligaments along the multiple uniaxial loading directions. The dislocation activity under multiaxial loads is more intense and more prone to plastic deformation, ultimately resulting in lower strength and smaller failure strain. The findings provide more insight into the understanding of the deformation mechanisms of nanoporous metals under complex stress states.

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