The Interaction between He Bubble and Migrating Grain Boundary Induced by Shear Loading

Q Zhu and JL Shao and P Wang, METALS, 12, 2012 (2022).

DOI: 10.3390/met12122012

This work reveals the interaction mechanism between He bubble and grain boundary (GB) in bicrystal copper under shear loading via molecular dynamics simulations. The influences of He/vacancy ratio R-He/V, temperature T-0, and bubble diameter D-0 on the interaction mechanism are clarified. Specifically, two interaction modes, i.e., the GB traverses or is pinned on He bubble, are observed by changing the initial R-He/V, T-0, and D-0. As R-He/V increases, the influence of He bubble on GB migration shows a decrease-increase trend. Different He bubble evolutions are demonstrated by comparing their shapes, pressure, and volume. In the cases of low R-He/V, the medium temperatures (10-300 K) are found to accelerate the GB migration, but higher temperatures (600-900 K) will lead to the change in interaction mode and deteriorate the interaction process. Furthermore, a more noticeable bubble-drag effect on GB migration is observed in the samples with larger He bubble.

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